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  • ≡ (triple bar symbol) support

    Do you have a bug open regarding support for ≡ (U+2261)? Confluence and Scroll HTML Exporter support it, but Scroll PDF Exporter omits it. I use it fairly often since it's commonly used for drop-do...

  • export templates

    I'm using Confluence 5.7 and Scroll HTML Exporter 3.4.0. I see only one template, the Scroll WebHelp Template. Shouldn't there be others? For my current project I'd rather just a single static page...

  • search engine optimization (SEO) with Scroll HTML Exporter

    Is it possible to do SEO with Scroll HTML Exporter or would I need to add Scroll Versions for that?

  • PDF Exporter 3.4.1

    I just updated to the latest version. After the upgrade, the "Scroll Ignore" macro was unrecognized and PDF export was empty except for a missing macro error.   I restarted Confluence and things ap...

  • any way to add current heading to page layout header / footer?

    A standard feature in applications that generate PDFs is the ability to include the name of the current section in the header or footer, usually by specifying a heading level such as H1 or Heading1...

  • how to format wide terminal output?

    I'd documenting a command-line utility with output 125 characters wide. The output is in a tabular format so it's essential that the lines not wrap. How can I format that so it will fit within the ...

  • dealing with videos

    I'm using both Scroll PDF Exporter and Scroll DocBook Exporter. I have a video attached to a page, with a link to play it in the page. The code looks like this: <ac:link>    <ri:attachment ri:filen...

  • upgrading to Scroll PDF 3.0.7 lost page break settings

    After upgrading to 3.0.7, every heading starts a new page. I had it working the way I wanted in 3.0.4. Is there some way to roll back the plug-in? I have a release coming up and need usable output.

  • CSS having limited effect on pre & code

    I added the following to the Content Formatting section of my Scroll PDF Exporter template: body { font-family: SourceSansPro; }tt, code, pre { font-family: DejaVuSansMono } The default size for th...