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    K15t Team

    Hi there!

    Very nice to hear that you're pleased with Scroll Viewport so far! And great looking help center you have there ;)

    Unfortunately, there's not much I can add to the information you found in our documentation. The best indication for timelines can always be found on the information provided by Atlassian in their public Jira project.

    The issue for custom emojis is  .The 'affected teams' count and severity rating always give some indication about the urgency of the improvement request but that might not be all that counts for Atlassian when deciding on a timeline. While we're definitely doing our best to push the issue from our side, we can't really tell exactly if Atlassian will pick this up sooner or later.

    For now, we recommend replacing custom emojis as much as possible with standard emojis or with standalone images (inline images aren't possible yet in the new editor).

    On a different note, we noticed that you have set the header text color in your help center to white. This leads to a problem in the mobile navigation, where the navigation items disappear behind the white background. If you like, just reach out to us via and we can help out further. Or we can continue the conversation on that topic here, if you prefer.



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