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    K15t Team

    Hi there,

    The Help Center theme is one of the themes included in Scroll Viewport. With the Help Center theme, you customize the appearance using a "" file, rather than editing the code directly.

    This makes the theme particularly useful if you don't want to spend any of your web development capacity, as the theme comes equipped with all functionalities and features to provide a robust (and modern) help center solution to your end-users.

    This also means that custom development is not possible, including modifying the page layout itself. Instead, you can choose between layouts provided by us. In Customize the Theme, you can learn what options we offer to modify the Help Center Theme. If you need customizations beyond that, we recommend sticking to the Web Help Theme, which you can extend without any limitations.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions!



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    LK (Edited )

    Hey  Laura,

    thank you for the quick feedback.

    I understand that the Help Center theme is designed to be quick and easy to customize with no web development experience.

    But I don't understand why a standard function of confluence, which always worked until now, doesn't work in the Help Center Ttheme, namely the Confluence page layout (see screenshot). It would be great if this would work by default in the Help Center theme again exactly as in Confluence. We are talking about the Article Page here.

    Or optionally open the Help Center Theme so far, as with the Web Theme, that it is adjustable both for non-developers via the propertie file or for developers via the previous overrides.

    However, I would prefer if the Help Center Theme would simply support the Confluence Page Layout settings (see screenshot) for the Article Pages, as this would actually be expected, because it is a standard functionality that is mandatory. Otherwise it is not possible to display the content in a reasonable way, because all content is now displayed one below the other. This makes sense in most cases, but there are pages where such an arrangement is desired and this unfortunately does not work.

    Would it be possible that in the near future the Help Center Theme supports this, if an opening for developers is not desired?

    That would be a feature request, which is certainly desired by several customers for the theme, i think.
    If it helps, I'm happy to send you the CSS code and HTML structure you need. Most of it comes from the Web Help Theme anyway. Of course for free. From my point of view, it doesn't make sense to create my own theme, which is built as similar or identical to the Help Center theme, because the Help Center theme is already a terrific modern theme. So I think everyone would be helped if you would simply include this in the Help Center Theme. Together we could make a grand theme for all :)


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    K15t Team

    Thanks for offering additional insights into what you're trying to achieve.

    You are right, we don’t support Confluence’s page layout option in Scroll Viewport and this limitation was originally by design: To guarantee a perfect presentation of your content we currently suppress multi column layouts. Content on columns is instead displayed beneath each other. We think that readability might suffer as the article template is already divided into two columns, the article navigation and the article content (and even three columns if the Table of contents option is enabled).

    We therefore recommend laying out content in such a way that it’s optimized for the width of the article content column.

    That’s not to say that we won’t offer multi-column layouts in the future (as you're also suggestion), but this requires a rethinking of the current article template altogether and maybe even a different article layout option in the theme settings that is well optimized for multiple columns.

    I’m sorry about the current limitation and any inconvenience caused by this.

    Please do let me know if you have further questions or concerns about any of this.

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    As an alternative to layout, you can use the standard Confluence Section and Column macros.

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    Hey Artem,
    thanks for the hint, but unfortunately this is not an alternative for me, since I need the required content or divs in the mobile view floating again below each other ;)
    Since my content or my pages are always clearly structured I have for me the solution rebuilt with the custom.js For me, this works because my pages are built a fixed structure and I could then implement this more or less hard coded. Not pretty but it works and was ultimately faster and easier to build than a similar theme.

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