Possibility to include external website in Viewport search result (Viewport Cloud)



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    K15t Team

    Hi Achmad,

    Thanks for your question. Can I ask if you're trying to build a temporary solution while your existing docs are still outside of Confluence? If it's a permanent setup you'd like to build, can I ask if there's anything we can help you with to permanently move your existing documentation into Confluence as a 'real' content source?

    In any case, adding an empty Confluence Space to Viewport with a redirection is perfectly possible. Also, even if the content source has content, you can exclude all its content from the search index with the help of our label scroll-help-center-exclude-page (applied to the space overview page). Read more on Exclude Pages from Navigation and Search.

    What's not possible is to remove the filter for that empty content source from the search, see:

    To do this would require much more effort on your part. A possible solution might be to add custom Javascript to 'fake' a content source on the portal page instead of adding an empty one or to modify the display of the search filters with custom JS. Both solutions would require coding knowledge and experience from your side.

    Generally, I recommend evaluating the option to migrate your external content to Confluence or to add your external website as a link in the header. See how on Customize Header, Footer, and Favicon.

    Let us know if we can help out further!



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    Achmad Hakim

    Hi Laura,

    For the foreseeable future, the existing docs is a permanent one.
    It is a documentation site of another product in our company,
    and they plan to keep using what they already have so far 🙂

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions!
    It is unfortunate that the Empty Content Source can't be removed from the Search filter easily.
    For now, we'll look into the other options you provided;
    custom JS to add 'Fake' Content Source, or add a link in the header 👍


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