Problems with mermaid graphs


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    K15t Team

    Hi Gabriele Allegria, thanks for the post. Which app were you using for the Mermaid charts (there are quite a few offering this functionality)?

    Depending on how the vendors of the respective macros you're using present this content to Confluence will determine if we can preserve the content in the export. For instance, some apps don't provide an export mode for their macro content or alternatively, use an integration pattern that requires a full-blown browser with all its session handling and frame composition features.

    For the former, we often require vendors to follow the steps here to provide a compatible export mode that we can use. For the latter, we cannot support this integration type, as our Exporters will not process JavaScript, and thus the content will not be preserved. This is also the reason why such content is not supported by the built-in exporters in Confluence. Have you checked if the content is preserved by the native Confluence PDF Exporter? If it isn't, this is likely the problem.

    Should you wish you can generate a debug export and send this to and we can further check to see if the content can be preserved. For instance, sometimes when diagram content comes from an external source, the specific domain needs to be set in the Allowlist settings on server/DC in order for it to be exported. I hope this information helps.

    Cheers, Thomas (K15t)

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