Scroll Viewport and Jira Service Management Integration


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    K15t Team

    Hi Paul,

    Great to hear that you're interested in using Scroll Viewport in combination with Scroll Documents.

    There are ways you can restrict your User Guides with Scroll Viewport but with none of them will work with your the customer logins you have stored in Jira Service Management. We have explored this topic in more detail but are currently blocked by some missing integration points on the JSM-side.

    As a workaround, you could have a look at our two existing options to protect your User Guides. The first one is a simple access token method. With this method, you generate and share access tokens with your users who can use these to log into your Viewport site. You can also append these tokens to any Viewport URL to skip the login page. You could embed such a link for example on your JSM customer portal. That way your logged JSM customer will be able to seamlessly access your User Guides, without having to log in again.

    The the other option to protect your User Guides is our Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution. It will however require that you manage your customer logins in a separate tool, a so-called identity Provider (IdP). Please note that the SSO feature is currently only available for beta testers. If you'd like to get beta access, just contact us via with the subject “SAML Single Sign-On Beta Testing” and we will get in touch with you!



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