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    K15t Team (Edited )

    Hi Nial,

    Your observations are correct. If you edit a page in a new version then the page comments and inline comments from the preceding version will not be carried over. You can only see the page comments and inline comments from another version – if the page inherits its content from the version where the comments physically exists.

    Which version of Scroll Version are you currently using? I’m asking because we had a bug which caused comments to be lost through different Scroll Versions actions. However, we did fix this bug with the release of Scroll Versions 3.15.0. Therefore, if you are on a lower version I would recommend upgrading to 3.15.0 or any later version. You can find the resolved bug here:

    Again, it’s not possible to maintain the same comments on a page which has been edited in two different version. But, if you want to move the page and it's comments to a new version this is possible through rescheduling.

    In other words, you could reschedule the original change page – the page which contains the comment – to the new version. However, note that the page and its comments would not exist in the original version anymore. Again, the page and everything on it would be moved over to exist in the new version.

    You should be able to recreate the page in the original version by copy pasting the content, but the comments wouldn’t be there anymore. If this is something you’re considering to try I recommend doing it in a test environment first, just to ensure the results are satisfying.

    You can read more about Rescheduling here in this article:

    I hope this was of some help.

    Johanna (K15t).

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