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    Steffen Burzlaff

    Hi Steve,

    thanks for reaching out. This feature is called "fuzzy search" so the search will also provide results which are similar. Those results should always be shown below the direct hits. So in your case only 2 results would be returned. Is this what you would expect?
    Currently there is no option for the user to control the fuzzy search.

    Best Regards,

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    Steve Foster

    Hi Steffen,

    Thanks for your response. I've been in touch with your colleague, Laura and she explained a bit about your search method as well.

    I agree that if the "fuzzy search" results were shown below the direct hits, that would be ok, but that's not what I'm experiencing. I've created a video to show this to demostrate the experience.

    It would be great if the user had the option to turn off "fuzzy search", or even better would be to use the Confluence search and only return results that are restricted to the content sources since Confluence does a pretty good job of search already.

    Thanks for your help!



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