Scroll Versions - best practice for release notes?



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    Amit Kapoor

    Hi Dorte,

    This is a sound approach. We do it differently but I don;t like it and I won't recommend that here.



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    Eva Mayrhofer

    Hi there,

    we used to have different pages for each version of the release notes for a while. But we changed to have the same page changed for each version - as you describe.

    So our customers only had to check the same page for the most current release notes. If they are interested in some release notes of previous versions, they use the version picker to change to the previous version of the page.

    As far as I remember a main benefit was that we could use the same link pointing to the release note page. Before that we might have to update some links. Or we had to remember to quote the correct link to the respective page (e.g. in mails).

    But I, too, would love to hear about other solutions and ideas.

    Cheers, Eva

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    Andy Folland

    Hello folks,

    For what it's worth, here's my €0.02.

    We publish from a master space to a different, live space, and our release notes page retains references and links to previous releases.

    However, this is problematic because if you remove a page in the latest release, any links from the old release notes to that page will subsequently be broken. I am therefore now tempted to have the published release notes page only display content relevant to the published release.

    Then if anyone ever needs to see the old release notes, they would have to request that from someone with access to the archived releases in the master space.

    BUT I haven't quite had the courage to implement this yet :-)

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