Versioned page deleted from specific version appears in search results



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    K15t Team
    Hi there,

    thank you for reaching out.

    It would be great if you could clarify how you deleted the pages. Did you only remove the page from the specified space version or did you delete it completely?

    I’m asking because removing and deleting are two separate actions in versioned spaces. Removing a page means that you are marking a page as removed in a space version. This means you will still see the page in the page tree, but the title will be greyed out. To mark a page as removed in a version you would follow the steps below:
    1. Open the page and switch to a space version where you want the page to be marked as removed, click Page Tools > Delete,
    2. If you want to also mark children of the page as removed, select the Remove <x> descendant pages checkbox,
    3. Click Remove.
    However, when you delete a page from a space version it will be moved to the space trash. To delete a page from a space version you would follow these steps:
    • Open the page and switch to a space version where you want to delete it, click Versions → Delete from space version or Versions → Page versions → Actions → Delete from space version.
    Can you confirm which of these approaches you used?
    If you used the approach where you deleted the page so it ended up in space trash, then this page should not appear in the search. If this is the case we recommend trying to update the Confluence search index. If this is the case and updating the search does not help please feel free to reach out to our support:

    You can also read more about the different ways of removing/deleting a versioned page in this article:

    Johanna (K15t).
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    Thank you. We had been removing the page from the version. Using delete worked and removed it from the search.

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