How to do intra-page links?


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    K15t Team (Edited )

    Hi Ian, 

    With Scroll ImageMap, you can link to pages within the same space, pages in other Confluence spaces, or to external URLs. With intra-page links, are you referring to a specific location within a Confluence page? If so, it is, unfortunately, not possible to link to anchors from images using Scroll ImageMap. We do, however, have a feature request for this which you can find here via this link:

    As a workaround, you could instead use an external URL and paste the full link with the anchor. This workaround can also be found in the Jira issue. Could this be an option, or are you somehow prevented to insert external URLs to ImageMap? I am asking this since you mentioned that you had problems pasting whole URLs. If this is the case, I recommend reaching out to our support by emailing to so we can have a closer look at the issue.

    I hope this information was of help.

    Johanna (K15t)

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