Heading 1 to 6 is not displaying the correct styling and size, with weird behavior?



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    Thomas Rough (K15t)

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the post. The issue you describe relates to how the headings are handled by Scroll PDF Exporter, which is expected behaviour. This is because Confluence does not enforce proper ordering of headings (heading 3 can come before heading 2 on a page, etc.), therefore our Exporters use an algorithm to create a sensible hierarchy in every case. 

    To do this, Scroll PDF Exporter will set the highest level of heading on a page, when it detects the first heading. Therefore, your heading level 3's and 6's will be elevated to heading level 2's and 3'd respectively. You can find more information regarding the way in which heading are handled here: https://help.k15t.com/scroll-pdf-exporter/latest/server/how-headings-are-handled-165944478.html

    To prevent the unexpected formatting of your heading level, you would either need to add the prior heading levels (e.g. level 2 before your heading level 3) on the page, or alternatively, you would need to apply the necessary styling that you have for Heading level 3 and 6, to your Heading level 2's and 3's in your custom export template.  

    I hope this makes sense.

    Cheers, Thomas

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    Cocoy Suguitan

    Thanks Thomas! This "hack" can address my requirements for now.

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