Content of unordered lists in include macro rendered incorrectly



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    Thomas Rough (K15t)

    Hi Cordula,

    Thanks for the post. So far from my tests, the unordered list retained the list levels in the export when included on a different page which I exported. Which version of the app were you using to generate the exports - was it the latest version? Additionally, how had you formatted the exported page with the Include page macro? Ideally, could you send us a copy of your page as an XML export so that we can test this? To export the content of a single Confluence page, please follow these instructions: Please send this information to in order for us to troubleshoot this issue with you (within a created support case).


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    Cordula Schubert-Berker

    I think I found the cause of the problem: Even though the content formatting in the source page looked fine and seemed to be rendered correctly – with all bullet points showing and right indention, the orderd list items were not formatted correctly.

    I've come across the problem a few times already with headings. When one removes blank space before a heading it sometimes happens that the heading is still displayed correctly but when putting the cursor in the heading it's shown that the formatting is actually set to paragraph.

    So, probably some list item was added or deleted which led to the formatting getting jumbled. Thus, no exporter problem here. Thanks anyway!

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