If I were to choose between one of these - Scroll Documents and Scroll PDF Export, which one would be helpful for managing product help content


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    Anshuman Dash

    Hi Radha,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    It's great to see you interest in our Scroll Apps.

    Below, you will find my responses to the questions you have raised - 

    Is Scroll Versions retired or not available now. I am using the free version of confluence right now?

    Scroll versions is only available for Confluence Server and Data Center. So, if you are using Confluence Cloud, you will not find Scroll versions listed in the list of apps in the in-app marketplace.

    Please suggest if versioning can be done with the help of Scroll Documents also.

    Yes, Scroll documents also supports versioning. But the versioning mechanism differs significantly from Scroll Versions.  Depending on your requirements, one or the other might make more sense.

    Next question is how scroll documents or scroll versions helps me to work with Scroll Viewport. This guidance helps me as I need to manage the help portal with versions. 

    This also depends on what deployment of Confluence you are on - Cloud or Server/Data Center.

    If you using Confluence Server/Data Center, then you can use a combination of Scroll Versions and Scroll Viewport to publish multiple versions of your documentation to one or more help portals.

    But if you are on Cloud, we have recently released the Cloud version of Scroll Viewport, that enables you to publish content in your Confluence spaces to one or more help portals. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no integration available between Scroll Documents and Scroll Viewport for Cloud, so you will not be able to publish multiple versions of your documentation. But this is high on our list and we intend to support the integration later this year.

    Which app is more appropriate for me - Scroll Documents or Scroll PDF Exporter?

    This also depends entirely on your requirements and use cases. Scroll Documents is intended to help you managing your confluence pages (page trees) as documents and provides you with several document management tools like versioning, restrictions management, activity logs, etc. Whereas, Scroll PDF export helps you with exporting your Confluence content into well-formatted PDF files and comes with a WYSIWYG visual template editor that helps you with custom template creation.


    I hope my responses were helpful.

    I would recommend dropping an email to support@k15t.com and we can discuss your requirements and use cases in further details.

    Best regards,



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