Add Scroll PDF Export Button to all existing pages



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    Johanna Linaker (K15t) (Edited )

    Hi Brock, thank you for reaching out to us.

    I have provided an answer to this question in the email you sent to our support.  

    Hopefully, it will be of help :)

    Johanna (K15t)

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    Thomas Rough (K15t)

    For those interested in a Scroll Exporter integration with Scroll Viewport we have this guide for adding an export button to pages:

    Additionally, to display the button in the normal Confluence view it is also possible to add a small script (see below) as custom HTML (in Confluence Administration > Custom HTML > At the end of the BODY):

     var button = jQuery('<button class="aui-button scroll-pdf-launcher">Export</button>');
     button.attr('data-quick-start', false);
     // optional attributes for specific templates/scopes
     // button.attr('data-template-id', 'ENTER TEMPLATE ID');
     // button.attr('data-scope', 'descendants');

    Thanks, Thomas (K15t)

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