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    Thomas Rough (K15t)

    Hi Bettina,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    The inline macro versions for Scroll Only and Scroll Ignore do not support rich content which is the reason why you only receive plain text in the Confluence page view.

    For these macro specifically, the reason why these macros work like this is because rich text can also include non-inline content (paragraphs for example), and if this was supported, the macro output would not be inline anymore. Furthermore, there is no specific option in Confluence which would only allow inline-rich text in a macro. Therefore, at the moment, it won't be possible to retain coloured font text by altering the page storage format for the content nested in these inline macro. When simply using the Confluence edit mode to add the text content, these rich text font options are disabled. 

    I agree that expectations from simply reading the documentation could lead users to think that this formatting should be preserved and I will make sure this updated.

    I hope this information helps.

    Cheers, Thomas (K15t)

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