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    Liset de Bruin

    Hi Manuel,

    thank you for reaching out and glad that you are liking Backbone so far!

    The action you are trying to do is actually unsupported, however, there are two workarounds you could use:

    1. You could sync the "planned version" field to a custom field that is of the same type in stead of a text field. 
    2. You can use our Public API to create this field mapping. You can see this for more information:

    Let me know if this helped you out.




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    Manuel Henrich

    Dear Liset,

    thanks a lot for super swift response :)

    Actually I was already investigating the first option. But as we have different version numbers for our product and our projects I also do not want to include all version information of the product into the projects (as it will also screw some filters using the next unreleased version function and similar).

    Will dive into the API and see if that would do the job. Meanwhile I do think fix version is also a good enough information to survive.

    kind regards


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