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    Roman Serazhiev

    Hi Sigrid, thanks for reaching out.

    Currently, it's not possible to do this through UI. We have an improvement in our JIRA: Please sign up at!default.jspa to watch, comment on or vote for this issue. We'll then send a notification for every status update.

    As a workaround, there is a REST API resource you could use to get the list of unversioned pages. Please note that this is a private API resource, and it could change without warning after the app upgrade.

    To query a versioned space you, do a POST request to this URL: <baseUrl>/rest/scroll-versions/1.0/page/<spaceKey> with these parameters in the body of the request:

    Finding versioned pages
    You can search for change pages (these are the versions of a versioned page) or master pages:
    [{"queryArg": "pageType", "value": "<change|masterPage>"}]

    Finding unversioned pages
    [{"queryArg": "isUnversioned", "value": true}]

    Hope this helps.


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