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    Shannon Meehan (K15t)

    Hi there, 

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. At the moment, Scroll Documents doesn't automatically edit restrict the saved versions of a document.

    However, you can still prevent these versions from being edited using page restrictions. To do so: 

    • Save a version
    • Open that version in the Confluence page tree by selecting 'Open in pages' from the actions menu (either in the Versions History or directly from the Viewer)
    • Change the restrictions on the version's pages from 'No restrictions' to 'Editing restricted' 

    I hope this workaround helps. We're also currently working on updates to the app, and one of them is the behavior around versions accessibility. If you have some time, it would be be great to hear from you about any other requirements/use-cases that you might have.

    If any other questions come up, I'd be happy to help. 



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