Delete translation of a page & language specific labels



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    Roman Serazhiev

    Hi Jan-Peter, 

    if I understand correctly you would want the page to be reset to the way it was before English translation was first added. There is no officially supported way to do this through the UI, but we have a private REST API you can use. Keep in mind that we do not officially support the REST API. So changes to it might occur without notice.

    This REST API request would remove the content from the defined language of a page and mark the translation as not done. Do a DELETE request to URL {Confluence Base URL}/rest/scroll-versions/1.0/translation/{pageId}/{languageKey}

    • pageId in the Confluence Page ID that can be found out by accessing Page Tools → Page Information. The id will be visible in the URL.
    • languageKey is the key of the language (e.g. en for English)

    Does this help?


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    J Rusch

    Thanks, that will fix my problem.

    Best regards,


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