Scroll Versions compatibility with custom themes



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    Roman Serazhiev

    Hi Patrick,

    would this be an option to automate the task with curl request? You could create a bash script that runs for 300 times each time changing the space key?

    curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST --user username:password --data '{"pluginKey": "com.k15t.scroll.scroll-platform","key": "theme-integration.json", "value":"{\"isThemeCompatible\": true}"}' $base_url$/rest/scroll-runtime/latest/settings/$spaceKey$



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    Patrick Wilson (Edited )

    Thanks, Roman.  Yes, we understand that's an option for existing spaces.  But even taking care of the 300, we will have to ask writers to perform an extra step for every new master space to tell Versions that the theme is compatible.  We were hoping there was something we could build in to the theme itself.   You've confirmed we aren't missing anything, though.   Thanks.

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