Port Scroll Versions/Viewport licenses from one Confluence instance to another for testing



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    Roman Serazhiev

    Hi Joe,

    if you have an active commercial license tier above 10 users, you can generate a separate development license for free. You can them use it on a test environment.

    1. Log in to My Atlassian.
    2. Click the product in question - your account management screen will display.
    3. In the Actions section click "View Developer License."
    4. Review the Developer License agreement.
    5. Finally, click "View" to agree. A license key will be presented. Copy and paste this key into your development server.

    If you have further questions, please let me know.


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    Joe Catera

    Hi Roman,

    Perfect, that really helps and allows us to use our license while our production instance of Confluence is being upgraded. We still need to determine how we're going to use the addons and develop a viewport template. 

    Thanks again for your help!


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