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    Nils Bier

    Hi Volker,

    The reason why you're seeing this error is because of the old Scroll HTML Exporter you're using.
    We changed the handling of search results in Scroll HTML Exporter 3.8.1 (see, the export now uses a separate search.html page when performing a search.
    The current version of the webhelp-theme on Bitbucket is updated to use this feature, but this is not backwards compatible with older versions, which leads to the described error.

    You can either upgrade Scroll HTML to v3.8.1 or you'd need to base your template on an older version of the webhelp-theme which still uses the old search behaviour. 
    The last version that still contains this old search behaviour is tagged as 1.1.14​ on bitbucket:

    I hope this helps.


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    Volker Weinreich

    Hi Nils,

    thanks, I've discovered it just for myself. I took the version 1.1.11.

    I have tested it before with an older version and it doesn't work. Maybe because of wrong base jar-version. Now everything is fine.


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