The use of conditional structures for metadata



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    Nils Bier

    Hi Viktor,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Velocity is currently not supported in version 4 of our Scroll PDF Exporter. Can you please further elaborate on your use case? Which conditional content did you use in your templates? Where did the "DOC-Language" come from? Is this a language set with Scroll Translations, or managed separately in your page properties? What other conditions did you use?


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    Viktor Be

    Hi, Nils,

    We don't use Scroll Translations.

    But "DOC-Language" - is not only one parameter. Our pages are generated automatically and have a whole set of parameters inside "Page properties Macro". We have one template, which depending on these parameters (by Velocity) defines some features of the exported document.

    Now we were going to update the PDF Exporter version but found the backward incompatibility.  We need to be able to analyze Page properties inside the template.



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    Hi, Nils, any news?

    We definitely need the ability to use "IF" depending on many parameters inside "Page properties Macro"

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    Thomas Rough (K15t)

    Hi there, 

    Thanks for your post. 

    Unfortunately, there is no new news to provide in relation to adding Velocity support to custom templates in version 4 of our Scroll PDF Exporter.

    Currently, there are no concrete plans to focus on introducing this functionality and it, therefore, does not feature in our immediate roadmap of development for the app. 

    However, this is something that we are keeping a track of and we have an open improvement for this functionality which you can track here: 

    I would recommend following this ticket to remain up to date on all updates.

    Cheers, Thomas (K15t Software)

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