Include+ macro and cache-macro



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    Roman Serazhiev

    Hi Volker.

    This is a known issue with Cache macro and our apps: There is no workaround we are aware of. There could be further problems when using this macro in translated or versioned spaces.

    There is no workaround unfortunately.

    What is the end goal in this situation for you? To show pages from the Include Library space in search results?


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    Volker Weinreich

    Hi Roman,

    thanks for your reply. I haven't been aware of this ticket.

    I'm not quite sure how we handle these problems. We are still in the test phase. There are three problems:

    1. Highlighting of included content -> With CSS we can hide the highlighting -> solved

    2. k15t-exando seems to work now (If not, we can replace it by expand macro) -> solved

    3. Not transforming the include+ -> not solved.
    What is the actual consequence of this behavior? I mean: Does it matter as long as the restricted user sees the right content?

    Do you know specific problems with translated pages?

    If we will not use the cache macro, we will go on with creating a lot of labels on the displayed pages and still not showing the included pages.



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