How is the "Latest" version determined?



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    Steffen Burzlaff

    Hi Eva,

    The version-picker in Scroll Viewport should behave the way you want it to behave.

    If you have only version V1.1, this will be the latest version in the picker and reachable through the path ../latest/..
    At the time you add and publish a new version(e.g. V1.2), this will become the latest version and will be reachable through .../latest/....This requires that Version V1.1 is the preceding version if V1.2.

    If this isn't the behaviour your are experiencing:

    Please check the following:

    -Is Version V1.1 the preceding version of V1.2 (to be set when you create V.1.2 or "edit" the version)?
    -The repository.propertyMapping for the latest version isn't set to another version. (turned off by default).

    If this isn't solving the problem, please let us know and feel free to open a support-ticket.

    Thanks and have a nice day.


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    Eva Mayrhofer

    Hi Steffen,

    thanks for your response.

    Yes, the versions are based on each other: V1.1 is the preceding version of V1.2, V1.2 ist the preceding version of V1.3.

    The settings for "repository.propertyMapping" do sound promising.

    However, I was not able to find "repository.propertyMapping" under Confluence Administration > Scroll Runtime > Advanced Plugin Settings > Select Scroll Viewport.

    I have found the posting!searchin/scroll-viewport-dev/make$20version$20the$20latest$20version|sort:date/scroll-viewport-dev/PnN2h3Z6ZOc/2myd-pprNgAJ - this posting mentions that there are settings "repository.propertyMapping" for a space and Scroll Platform. So I opened <ConfluenceBaseUrl>/plugins/servlet/scroll-settings/?key=<SpaceKey>  and selected "Scroll Platform" (now there is no "Scroll Viewport" in the list).

    If I edit these settings for "repository.propertyMapping", there is some impact on the version picker but not as expected.

    So I accept your proposal and I will open a support ticket.




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    Eva Mayrhofer

    As an information for others that might have the same problem:

    When you are logged on, other versions might be displayed as latest version. This confuses somewhat.

    So always check the effects on the version picker as an ANONYMOUS user. When you are logged off, the version picker behaves corrects (as Steffen has written in his response).

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