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    Thomas Rough (K15t)

    Hi there, 

    Thanks for your post. 

    Were you using Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence server or Confluence Cloud?

    Furthermore, roughly how many pages did the export consist of? What type of content did these pages contain? e.g. rich content, such as images, tables, macros etc.  

    If you are using our app on Confluence server, to further investigate this issue it would be great if you could generate a and then send this to We can then take a look at the logged information and determine the nature of the problem. We can then also carry on the discussion, in relation to resolving this issue, in the created support ticket.

    To create a support ZIP, please follow these instructions.

    Cheers, Thomas (K15t Software)


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    i'm use Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence server. The document is exported very much, 200 pages, each of which is include and contains many links, tables, other macros etc. I think the problem is due to a large number of include. Separately, each include works fine.

    I'm sorry, but the company's security policy I can not do Is it possible to solve the problem without it?


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    Thomas Rough (K15t) (Edited )


    Thanks for your response. 

    Without a it makes it harder to ascertain the exact nature of your export issue. However, we are aware that some large exports with Scroll PDF Exporter can cause performance issues with Confluence. The root cause of the issue is down to the library that we use to create the PDF files and it can consume a lot of memory if the document is large. In some cases, the export can use almost all the available memory and the Java garbage collector runs constantly, trying to free up memory – inevitably, this can cause performance issues with Confluence. 

    We have previously introduced some options (from Scroll PDF Exporter v4.2) to prevent the Confluence performance issues when exporting large spaces. Firstly, it is possible to put the PDF conversion part of the export into a separate process, which can protect the main Confluence process in case this issue occurs. Before implementing this measure, administrators should ensure that the server in question has sufficient resources and is appropriately configured. You can read further information via this article:

    Additionally, you can also restrict the number of pages that can be exported in a single export (see Would this be an option? This could be used to prevent your users running into this issue.

    Lastly, it is also possible to restrict the export functionality within a space and/or for user groups. This works in such a way by whitelisting the spaces/user groups that you want to have the export function.  You can read more here: 

    Would you be able to potentially use any of these options? Alternatively, can the size of the exports be reduced or split into smaller attempts? 

    Thanks, Thomas (K15t Software)

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