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    Thomas Rough (K15t)

    Hi Chris, 

    Thanks for reaching out to us. To answer your questions in order:

    1. The Confluence Paragraph style is mapped to Normal within the Word template and this cannot be altered. You've mentioned that you are using the Normal style for other elements in your template – was this for static elements included within your template? If so, would you be able to create your own custom styles for these elements? Unfortunately, there is not a way in which you can map the Confluence Paragraph style to a different Word style. 
    2. Had you defined each Scroll list number level in your template (see screenshot)? If you have, had you configured the numbering by modifying the specific level (e.g. Screenshot Point 1: Scroll List Number 2 - Modify) > Point 2: select Numbering from the format drop-down > Point 3: select Customize on your chosen numbered style > choose the lettering for your Numbered style.

    If you had followed these steps but the export only contains numbers, please could you send us a copy of your template to – we can then further investigate this matter for you. 

    Thanks, Thomas (K15t Software)

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    Shackman, Mark

    Further to this, I've created the Scroll List Number styles as described, and my exported document now has the right numbering. However, when using Word's Increase and Decrease Indent buttons, this doesn't change the list levels, as I'd expect with a list.

    How do you associate each of the Scroll Number List styles with a level (possibly in a multilevel list) so that In/Outdent works consistently?

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    Thomas Rough (K15t) (Edited )

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your reply.

    When you modify the specific Word style for your selected list level (e.g. Scroll List Number 2) you can select Numbering > Customize and then define the text indent for that level. Is this what you required? When you export the different list levels from Confluence, these will be mapped to the formatting defined in your template.

    Cheers, Thomas (K15t)

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    Shackman, Mark (Edited )

    Hi Thomas,

    No, that's not what I was asking (and I note that Word 365 on the PC doesn't have the Customize button in the screenshot above).

    I've set up the list styles, and exported a document with a numbered list comprising a mixture of levels 1-3. If I'd done this in Word originally, the Increase Indent and Decrease Indent buttons alter the level of the numbering (so Decrease Indent on a level three list entry moves it to a level two).

    In the screenshot, the two Indent buttons are circled. Pressing return at the end of the arrowed line results in another level 3 entry. Pressing the Decrease Indent button should change this to a level two entry, with an indent and numbering change. Pressing the button again should take it to a level one.

    In my template file, with a sample list, the Indent buttons work correctly (as they're included as part of a multilevel list with the first levels linked to the Scroll List Number styles).

    However, in the exported file, the defined multilevel list isn't used, and the Indent buttons don't change list levels correctly. When manually applying the multilevel list with the Scroll styles, all the entries are reset to level 1 numberings, and don't restart at 1 after an intermediate Normal-style paragraph.

    Hope that explains what we're trying to achieve, and that you can suggest a solution.



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    Thomas Rough (K15t)

    Hi Mark, 

    Thanks for the further explanation. 

    Could you send us a copy of your Word template and an example of your generated Word Export that highlights the issue to We can then further investigate this through a support case.  

    Cheers, Thomas (K15t)

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