When I update to confluence 6.10.1 export pdf occur error



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    Nils Bier

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    This is an issue with deprecated templates not supporting horizontal rules. We're tracking this behavior here: https://k15t.jira.com/browse/EXP-2492

    As a workaround you'd need to downgrade to Scroll PDF Exporter 4.3.4, remove the horizontal line from the page, or export with a 4.x template.

    As it looks like you're still using an old template, is there any functionality missing in the template designer for you to update your template to version 4? If you have any feedback, please let us know.


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    Hi Nils :

    I've trying to use 4.x template. But It export failed when page has "childatb" or "localtab" MACRO. The export pdf will only show the first page of "childatb" or "localtab" content. Is there any setting I missed or doing wrong with 4.x new template?

    However, "localtab" MACRO can export well by using old template. Is that new template didn't support those macro?

    by the way, my confluence server version is 6.10.1

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    Nils Bier


    I just tried to reproduce this, my export works fine (besides the styling issue we currently have open: https://k15t.jira.com/browse/EXP-2481), using Scroll PDF Exporter 4.4.0, Navitabs 4.5.5, and Confluence 6.10.1; so all latest versions.

    Would it be possible to send us a XML export of the affected page, as well as a support ZIP to support@k15t.com?

    To export the content of a single Confluence page, please follow these instructions: https://help.k15t.com/creating-a-xml-export-of-a-single-page-111903666.html. To create a support ZIP, please follow these instructions.

    This will create a private support ticket and we'll be able to further investigate.


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