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    Steffen Burzlaff

    Hi Jeroen,

    thanks for reaching out to us.
    You basically can nearly add every feature in Scroll Viewport from Confluence if there is an API for it.
    I could find the request to post a "saved for later" page to Confluence, but I couldn't find an API Call to get the information after they have been posted.

    To save a page for later, you can do this by including a Button to your Viewport Theme (as it is in Confluence). If the button gets clicked a REST-Call is made to this URL:

    <confluence Base URL>/rest/experimental/relation/user/current/favourite/toContent/<pageID>

    You would need to send the atl_token with the request, so Confluence knows which user is currently logged in. You can get this information with the $xsrfToken.token and$xsrfToken.tokenName placeholders:

    Also if you have questions like this which are web-developer questions you can post them in our Google Group. Here you will find other Viewport Developers and questions related to Scroll Viewport development (maybe a future question is already answered there).

    I hope this is helping.



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    Jeroen van Sluisdam

    Hi Steffen,


    This helps for sure. I start to get the picture and we will proceed in this direction.





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