How to handle images for different languages that change from version to version? A central storage location would be essential.



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    Henricus Fluthgraf

    Hi Eva,

    yesterday, just in time for you ;-), i found follwing solution for us, because we had the same Problem.


    1. everything is in one space
    2. the page is versioned and Translation installed
    3. i create a pagetree on the root:for the images :  _imagelibary
    4. now you can decide if you want to make a Folder for every Picture or for Chapter and than for the Pictures
    5. in the documentation tree, i insert the pictures with include macro into the sroll titel macro at the place i need the picture

    what are the effects:

    1. every Picture in the Image libary can be changed . Because of Scroll Version, you will see the Picture in Variant of the Version
    2. because of using Translation, you can add a different Picture in the Image libary (e.g. a screenshot in english)
      Depending on the language you choose in the picker above,you will see the Picture

    This is the way, how we now try tohandle differrent pictures in different Versions and also in different languages.

    in this case it is important, that the libary for the including of the Pictures is in the same space.

    i hope it helps

    Best Henry

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    Eva Mayrhofer

    Hi Henricus,

    thanks for your recommendation. Indeed, I am already having the pictures in the same space and I am already using some pages under _InclusionLibrary for the central location of my pictures.

    Unfortunately, I do not really get your step 5. If it is not too much of a bother, would you like to to elaborate on this step?

    In particular, I am wondering:
    Are you using the macro with the title "Include+" 
    What do you mean with "into the scroll title macro"?


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