Can your plugin support this use case?


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  • Hi, 

    Thanks for the question.

    Just to clarify, do you want to synchronize issues created in Jira X to project A/B/C? Or do you only want to sync issues in one direction (A/B/C to X) but then also sync field updates from X to A/B/C?

    If you don't want to sync newly created issues from X to A/B/C, you can simply set up backbone to synchronize issues in 1 direction (from A/B/C to X) and then configure the field mappings to be synced bidirectionally, so that once an issue has been synchornized to Project X, field updates then get synced back from X to A/B/C.

    I hope this clarifies things – if not, I can help further if you provide more precise details of your use case.

    Cheers, Tom.

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