Scroll Documents within Jira Service Desk?



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    Thomas Walker (K15t Software) (Edited )

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the question.

    Currently, Scroll Documents doesn't support publishing or approvals/workflows. This is because Scroll Documents is currently more geared towards providing tools to make the management of internal business documents more effective in Confluence, rather than for delivering user-facing documentation.

    Regarding a possible workaround – as things stand, there's no simple workaround to achieve this.

    I've created some issues for workflows/approvals and publishing documents in our Jira at and However, the next major milestones in our roadmap are creating a server version, and also adding support for creating documents from blueprints, so I can't say for sure right now when or if these features will be implemented.

    Cheers, Tom.

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    Mary Connor

    Followup: I did migrate our product docs into the JSD KB space -- all one happy-ish family!

    Given that authoring is now rooted in the KB space (so no publishing requirement), would Scroll Documents work, pushing archives off to new spaces?

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