Unable to avoid page-breaks



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    Nils Bier

    Hi Alexander,

    Thanks for getting in touch. To further analyze the described problem, it would be great if you could send over your template to support@k15t.com, as well as a XML export of sample pages showing the problem and information about which version of Confluence and Scroll PDF Exporter you're using.

    We'll then further investigate and will come back to you as soon as possible.

    How to export a PDF template is described on the following page in our documentation: http://www.k15t.com/display/PDF/Downloading+a+Template
    To export the content of single Confluence page(s), please follow these instructions: https://help.k15t.com/creating-a-xml-export-of-a-single-page-111903666.html.


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    Alexander Sopov

    Thank you Nils. I actually managed to solve it by copying this snippet of code:


    div.section-1 {
    page-break-before: auto;


    I don't remember where I found it, it should be easily available cause I reckon most people who are customizing their pdf exporter wants to control the page breaks.


    Best regards,

     - Alexander

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