Error when upgrading from Scroll Translations 1.6.3 to 1.6.4: Scroll Platform 2.7.4 required


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    Peter Bastian

    Hi Kristof,


    thanks for reporting this behaviour.

    There went something wrong when building Scroll Translations 1.6.4 - it doesn't come with the correct version of 'Scroll Platform'.

    We are aware of this (see and will release a new working version as soon as possible.

    There are two workarounds right now:

    1. If you have 'Scroll Versions', install the newest version and 'Scroll Translations' afterwards. As 'Scroll Versions' comes with the right version of 'Scroll Platform', 'Scroll Translations' will install successfully.

    2. Uninstall 'Scroll Translations' and 'Scroll Platform' and use version 1.6.2 until 1.6.5 is released. Older versions can be downloaded on the following page:



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