Compare versions - every title is flagged as a formatting change and every image is flagged as removed/added



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    Stefan Kleineikenscheidt

    Hi Sebastian,

    these seem to be two issues:

    1. The title is flagged in blue. I cannot reproduce this. I have seen that you've created a support request and so let's handle that over there.

    2. For the image issue I have created an issue here:

    The underlying issue is that we re-use the to Confluence page comparison to compare to versioned pages (i.e. version 1.0 and version 2.0). The Confluence compares these two versions it sees that the images are loaded from two different URLs and hence displays them as changes (which is removed/added).

    Feel to sign up at!default.jspa and comment/vote/watch.


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    Rolph Haspers

    Was item 1 solved? I'm experiencing the same issue when using the remote publishing feature. It wants to publish every page in our space, even if nothing is changed due to the formatting issue.

    We are testing scroll version and viewport.

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