Plugin: Missing Dependencies, doesn't show up in templates list



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    Steffen Itterheim

    Any tips why a template plugin won't show up in the templates list, and why it would say "This plugin has one or more modules with missing dependencies" in the plugins list?

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    Jens Rutschmann

    Hi Steffen,

    did you install the scroll-base plugin ? It's mentioned in the first step in the Overview section.

    Without this plugin Confluence can't handle the template modules in you template plugin.

    Hope that helps,

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    Steffen Itterheim

    Yup, it was the missing scroll base plugin. That was really stupid of me. :)
    Eventually I retraced my steps, went back to zero and checked the checklist once more. When it mentioned the scroll base plugin, I checked, and I hadn't installed it or removed it when the first attempts had failed.

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