EclipseHelp new Beta or Final to fix issues?



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    Stefan Kleineikenscheidt

    Hi Alexander,

    even though the exporters should be pretty usable right now, we are currently holding back the final releases of all new exporters due to the upcoming release of Confluence 4. We are currently migrating the infrastructure code to Confluence 4 and will then release the final versions for the other exporters.

    With regards to the issues you are mentioning, I will check them with the team.


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    Jens Rutschmann


    concerning your problems with the special characters: does it help to switch file naming to "Page ID only" ? You can do that in the export dialog on the "File Naming" tab. I tried with some Scandinavian and Greek characters in page titles and the documentation worked fine in Eclipse using this setting.

    We also plan to release another beta either today or tomorrow.

    Best regards,

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    Alexander Lechner

    Thanks for the update.
    I will try the file naming option, but I doubt that it will fix the problem, because it is not the file name but the generated HTML inside the jar, which causes a problem.
    I already filed this (k15t request #401), but here for reference:

    - Create Confluence page with 2 headings. 
    - Heading 2 should include an ampersand, e.g. "h2. This will fail & cause an exception" 
    - Export as EclipseHelp 
    - View generate JAR / help with Eclipse Help viewer (tested with 3.7.0) 
    - will cause: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The reference to entity "aspecialcharacter" must end with the ';' delimiter.

    Generated HTML contains non-replaced ampersand in its id enitity.

    Replace special characters with correct HTML e.g. & with &

    Best regards

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    Tobias Anstett

    Hi Alexander,

    I just wanted to follow up your earlier post.

    We are currently planning to release the final version soon and I wanted to make sure your issue was solved (2.0-beta3).

    - Tobias 

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    Alexander Lechner

    Thanks for the update.
    Yes, both issues were solved. 
    Looking forward for the final release.

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