Table in Header looks correct on first page only!



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    Nils Bier

    Hi Markus,

    Thanks for contacting us.
    It would be great if you could send us a XML export of an affected page and the PDF template you're using to

    That will automatically create an internal support request and we can have a closer look at the problem.
    To export the content of single Confluence page(s), please follow these instructions:
    How to export a PDF template is described on the following page in our documentation:


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    Roman Serazhiev

    Hi Markus,

    Looks like it is an issue with the Flying Saucer library we are using for Scroll PDF Exporter. 

    As a workaround you could try to construct the table with divs. Here is how to do it (the only disadvantage is that the rows have to have a fixed height).

    <div style="margin-top:50px; margin-botom:50px;"> 
    <div class="customClass1"> 
    <div class="customTd">Column1</div> 
    <div class="customTd"> 
    <div class="customTd">Column3</div> 
    <div class="customClass2"> 
    <div class="customTd colspan-2 noBorder"> 
    <center>Merged column</center> 
    <div class="customTd">Column4</div> 

    We are working on integrating Scroll PDF Exporter with a different commercial library, but there is no ETA at this point. 


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