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    Stefan Kleineikenscheidt

    I am not able reproduce this issue (using Confluence 4.0.3 and Scroll PDF Exporter v2.3.1).

    The Scroll Exporters are first exporting all the content into a media-neutral meta format, before exporting to PDF or other formats. Only at this last step the title page is created, so this should not be the issue. I think it must have to do with the handling of headings.

    To further analyse this issue, can you please open a support ticket and attach 

    • the content of the including page
    • the content of the included page
    • and the resulting PDF.
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    Nick Cobley

    Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for your reply. I'm a bit flat out at the moment so haven't had chance to look into it more. I'll do some testing and once I do I'll post an update here and log a support ticket if necessary.




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