How can I check the rendered template and css in a browser?



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    Bill Bailey

    I have the same issue. The documentation is spotty at best on this topic. Would really help to have an HTML out to see what class/ID/tags are used for format specific items. I go through tens of cycles experimenting with the CSS, often unsuccessfully to try can change the format of certain items.

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    Jens Rutschmann


    we plan to introduce an improved template designer in a later version of the plugin (no planned release date yet).

    In the meantime you can do the following:

    1. Make sure you are using the latest version of the PDF Exporter.
    2. Export a page using your template.
    3. On the Confluence Server navigate to the "<Confluence home>/temp" directory.
    4. A new subdirectory named like "scrll_PdfExporter680166731248806067519523918987958" has been created
    5. Inside this subdirectory you will find the HTML file that is converted to PDF as the last step of an export.

    If you open the file in a browser to check it with e.g. Firebug, please note that the CSS is scoped to media type "print" and you may need to change / remove that in the CSS import statements before you'll be able to see the CSS effects in the browser.

    I hope this helps somewhat.

    Best regards,

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