{align} macro has no effect in PDF Export



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    Jens Rutschmann


    the problem here is that the PDF exporter ignores all HTML styles and class when retrieving the data from the Confluence pages and rendering it to the PDF. We are working on a new feature to keep CSS classes. This would allow you to add custom CSS definitions for text alignment etc. in your PDF Exporter template.

    We will probably release this feature with version 3.0

    Current versions of the PDF exporter keep the CSS classes only for HTML paragraphs (<p>). This means you could write a user macro that outputs this:

    {align:right}<p class="align-right">macro content here</p>{align}

    Then define a CSS rule in your custom PDF exporter template. For example:

    p.align-right {
    text-align: right;

    Hope that helps.


    Best regards,

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    Jens Kasperek


    We are currently evaluating the Scroll PDF Exporter. By doing so, we also tested if images are aligned. Unfortunately, we are not able to see images aligned to center / right when doing an Scroll PDF Export. We also tried to apply the workaround mentioned here: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONF-35945. This workaround does not take affect for Scroll PDF Export.

    Is there any hope that this will be fixed in an upcoming version?




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    Nils Bier

    Hi Jens,

    thanks for contacting us.
    Unfortunately the library we're currently using does not support alignment of images, which is why the workaround described in our docs does only work for text, but not for images.

    We're already evaluating a new library, but currently there's no ETA when we'll be able to switch the libraries and support the image alignment. Please vote and watch the related JIRA issue to get a notification once it's fixed.


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