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    Paul Hahler

    In addition to set I also noticed that it's not possible to set a new created space or global template as standard template. We have an space with our technical documentation and there exist a predefined layout for the output everyone should use. Is it possible to define which standard template gets chosen first (in case its not possible to disable the other ones)?

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    Jens Rutschmann

    Hi Paul,

    you can "remove" the default templates from the list by simply disabling their respective plugin modules in the confluence Plugin Manager. To do this go to the plugin manager, select the Scroll Wiki PDF Exporter plugin, expand the plugin module list and disable these modules:

    • Default PDF Template
    • Default PDF Single Page Template

    Currently there is no way to define a default template for a space. As a workaround you can disable the default templates and define your own templates as space templates. In this case there exists only one template per space. Or if you have a single template that should be used by all users in all spaces, just disable the default templates and define your own global template.


    Hope that helps,

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    Paul Hahler

    Hi Jens,

    that worked as the final result is ok. But there is one important thing that everyone has to bear in mind while doing this. The module default pdf layout must be enabled while creating a new template. If this module is disabled creating of new templates is not possible and an error message get thrown out.



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    Tobias Anstett

    Hi Paul,

    thanks for the feedback.

    I created a general improvement issue for the administration of templates at

    - Tobias 

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