Unable to export anything from confluence-4.0 people directory



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    Jens Rutschmann


    to better help you with this we need to know how you did the update to Confluence 4.

    The templates are stored in Confluence's bandana persistence layer, e.g. in the "bandana" table of your database. Space templates are saved in the respective space bandana context, global templates are stored in the global bandana context. This means that your global  templates will not be copied when you do space backups + imports in order to upgrade to Confluence 4. The resource files of a template are stored as space / global attachments so they are copied in the same way.

    Concerning your export issues, please explain further where the export  does not work. Do you refer to 'personal spaces' as the Confluence People directory does not even provide a Tools menu ?


    Best regards,

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    Taneli Mäenpää

    We use personal spaces and lots of blog posts under people directory. The exporting used to work before the 2.2 confluence 4.0 compatibility update.

    During our confluence upgrade process we don't do any importing. As advised in confluences' own upgrade guide we use test environment to actually test the upgrade, then do backup of running environment and last upgrade. There is no importing involved in any step.

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