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    Stefan Kleineikenscheidt

    Hey Kor,

    the problem here is, that the LateX plugin is rendering the output in the browser (with JavaScript).  The Scroll Office (and the Scroll Exporters) run on the server side and doe not execute JavaScript there, so they do not output the formulas.

    We are currently investigating a solution, in the meantime please watch/vote this issue: https://k15t.jira.com/browse/PDF-481

    Best Regards,

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    K J Molenmaker

    Hi Stefan,

    Client-side rendering is ok and I am aware that these plugins render on the server. I have created a macro to export LaTeX formulas into PDF and that seems to work in standard confluence PDF export, but I do not know why it does not work in the MS Word export. The macro is very simple and uses mathtex.cgi on the server side. The idea is that the LaTeX formula is being replaced by an image. This image is added into the export. It works for PDF, but not for Word and I wonder why. I was hoping that this would work for Scroll Office export as well, but it did not.




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    Stefan Kleineikenscheidt

    Hi Kor,

    Not sure why the image does not make it into the Word export. Can you post a screenshot and the html code of the server side rendered page? This would allow us to investigate why Scroll Office is not picking up the image.


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