Numbers between included pages & control of table cell width



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    Tobias Anstett

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your interest in Scroll Office. I will adress your questions in an inline style.

    > included pages get numbered like headings

    When exporting a hierarchy of pages the nesting of pages as well as the level of headings used on those pages are set into relation. Because includes include the content of one page into another page, headings might also be part of the included content. For the exporter these included headings are not transparent. More information about headings is available at

    > control the size of the cells

    Yes, this behavior can be controlled using the scroll-tablelayout macro as described in . Please let me know if it does not work for you.

    > show original authors, not the author of the confluence page, etc.

    Basically you should be able to use the $scroll.metadata placeholder as described in . When importing your word document please make sure to include the authors, etc. as hidden metadata information on the root page of the imported document. Therefore the following plugin can be used Later in the template use $scroll.metadata.(yourkey) to access the metadata property.

    Hope I covered all your questions.

    Best regards, 


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    Mark Walker

    Thanks - I've got everything working now. It makes sense that the problems are down to the draw backs of a GUI editor that you are effectively trying to control code in.

    Those little bits of whitespace have been causing me problems ever since I started to export confluence content a few weeks back!

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