Preserving code block macro when roundtripping between Confluence and Word



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    Tobias Anstett

    Hi Brad,

    Scroll Office exports code examples AS-IS by means of preserving every whitespace you entered in Confluence. So far we don't support code highlighting (, but it is on our radar.

    Unfortunately Scroll Office is just an exporter and does not provide any importer which would be required for the roundtripping scenario.


    - Tobias 

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    Victor Cardoso

    Hey there,

    Has there been any progress on this issue? We have a situation where we would like to provide Word templates to our staff and then import them into Confluence as new content. Does Scroll do anything to improve the Word import features of Confluence? Like marrying stylesheet names to Confluence formatting? If not, is anything in the works? Seems like a natural extension of this whole set-up...



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    Nils Bier

    Hi Victor,

    sorry for the delay.
    There are currently no plans to improve the vanilla import to Word functionality of Confluence from our side.


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