Notes, warnings, errors: icon is missing in word document



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    Kyle Byron

    I second the motion to get this looking better. Thanks!

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    Helmut Nagy

    +1 for supporting this

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    K15t Support Team

    Helmut, Kyle, Byron,

    we have thought this through carefully. As Word does not allow defining images in styles (as for example HTML/CSS) this is hard to do, without sacrificing the flexibility of user defined styles.

    However Scroll Office will support so-called table styles. These can be used to style tables, admonitions (warning, notes, etc.), and some other elements.


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    Helmut Nagy

    Hi Stefan,

    just had a look at the Confluence code for the macros (see below) your argumentation would be right if the image is in a css style of confluence but it seems to me confluence builds a table with two cells and the image is the content of the first cell -> i would interpret the images not as image in styles but as a content of the page

    <table class="infoMacro"><colgroup>
    <col width="24">
    <td valign="top"><img src="/images/icons/emoticons/information.gif" alt="" align="absmiddle" border="0" height="16" width="16"></td>
    <td>Note Text</td>
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    K15t Support Team

    Hi Helmut,

    that's right. However, Scroll Office (as well as the Scroll Wiki products) is converting the content into a semantic meta model, which does not contain any styling information and is then outputted into different output format. So, we also consider the little icons as styling information, and therefore they are not in the meta model. This way, we allow users to style the output as they need it (and -in case of Scroll Office- within the boundaries of Word styles, unfortunately).

    That said, we have an issue for this feature request about how to better support this requirement: OFCE-221.

    Best Regards,



    PS: Looks like it is already scheduled for 3.0 (which is coming after the next release).

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    Trevor North

    I can understand that Scroll Office is not trying to save the styles but another +1 for the feature of inclusion of the icons for the macros like notes, warnings and info - if i add that layout in the content of the wiki page, i really want it to display that way in the word document so they are consistent - dont see how else this would be done if Scroll office doesnt do it.

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    Nils Bier

    Hi Trevor,

    thanks for your comment. After we've implemented table-styles in Scroll Office 2.2, we will hopefully support admonition icons in on of the upcoming releases. We already have an improvement in our JIRA-System:

    Please sign up at!default.jspa to watch, to comment or to vote for this issue. I will talk to our developers if the improvement can be implemented in one of the next releases.

    FYI: We are currently finalizing Scroll Office 3.0 (unfortunately the admonition feature will not gonna make it in this release) with lots of new features (e.g. support of list-styles) and a reworked UI.

    I hope this information helps.


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