How do I have to place my toc in my word template?


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    K15t Support Team

    Hi Stefanie,

    This can be done in the Word template itself. Scroll offers parameters for including Confluence meta information such as name of the exporter, etc., but also parameters to define where the content as well as the title should be placed.

    To specify the content start position, include $content followed by a line break into your document template. PLEASE NOTE that this information is only valid for the current beta version. In the next release this parameter as well as all other available prameters will start with $scroll (e.g. $scroll.content).

    As you have described in your post, the best would be to create a template using $title, a native word toc and $content. Scroll will use this information and render everything as defined in your template.

    The default (if no $content is found) is to start at the beginning of the document. That's why your toc appeared at the end of the document.



    - Tobias

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