How can I visually mark NEW CONTENT?


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    K15t Team

    Hi Sara,

    Thanks for the question. Currently, there is no automated way to mark new or recently edited pages. In fact, at the moment because we re-generate all pages anew whenever you update your site (irrespective of whether the page has changed or not), we don't carry that information at all.

    What you can do, and might even be better from an authoring and reading perspective, is to curate that list yourself. That way your users won't have to go hunting for the marked pages throughout your help center but can overview all changes on a curated page.

    To do this, just like in Confluence, you can put the 'Recently updated' macro on a page and add some context about the changes for your users. That page can then go into your 'News Section'. Just like we do with our release notes on

    Hope that helps!



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